The first smart notebook for therapists.

Listen more, transcribe less.

Meet the new AI-powered note-taking tool for mental health professionals with insights analytics built-in.

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Save Time on Documentation

Create intake or progress notes faster than ever with pre-made session summaries. Then just copy & paste into your EHR. Less time writing notes and more time for you.

Boost Therapeutic Alliance

Focus on the client without distracting her or yourself with scribbling notes. Upheal does them for you automatically.

Empower Professional Growth

Data insights may help you get a breakthrough with complicated clients. Transcribed or recorded excerpts from sessions will make your supervision more effective than ever.

Powerful Tools, Single Product

Enjoy all of the above plus your usual video calling needs in one, neat and fully integrated package.


Secure Video Conferencing

Meet clients online on our private video platform. Works fully in the browser, no download needed.

AI Powered Summaries

Automatic summaries of topics & themes discussed in the session, identification of significant interpersonal relationships of the client and more.

Session Highlights

Timestamped annotations or bookmarks to easily highlight and focus on what really matters.

Session Analytics

Unique data insights from recorded sessions: who's talking ratio, speech cadence, topic frequency and keywords.

Voice-to-Text Transcription

Automated session transcript is available immediately after the session.

Seamless Session Recording

Store therapy sessions directly into an encrypted cloud - with the client's explicit consent.

Consents Collection

Required consents are automatically collected before new client joins their first session. No extra work for the clinician.

Privacy & Security

Data encryption and compliance with all relevant privacy standards including GDPR & HIPAA.


Start a therapy session on our secure video platform*. Share the link with your client and do your magic.

*No downloads required. Works seamlessly in the browser.

Our smart AI assistant listens to your session in the background. You just focus on what is important - being there for your client.

By the session end, you'll get a summary of what was discussed - including key topics & themes, frequent words, important people and places in the client's life, and more.

See actual results generated by our AI assistant in real-world therapy sessions.

Edit generated content as needed to get to the final note and then just copy and paste wherever you need.

The recording with full session transcript and timestamped bookmarks are still there if you ever want to dive into details or work on improving your skills.

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